peter whelpton | whelpton consulting
peter whelpton | whelpton consulting

Peter Whelpton | Whelpton Consulting
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peter whelpton | whelpton consulting
peter whelpton | whelpton consulting
peter whelpton | whelpton consulting

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Cruise Line, which operated the M/V Nili on three- and four-day cruises out of Miami, as General Manager.
In 1969, I joined Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, a new line created especially for the Caribbean market, and for the next 30 years held the following executive positions: Hotel Operations Manager; Vice President, Hotel Operations; and Executive Vice President. In the latter position, I managed the entire company, reporting to the President and Chief Executive Officer. For the last six years, I held the position of Executive Vice President, Hotel Operations, and was a member of the companyís Executive Committee.
I served as Chairman of the Northwest Cruise Ship Association, representing all the cruise lines located in the Pacific Northwest and the west coast of the United States. I am a former commissioner and vice chairman of the Florida State Board of Pilot Commissioners, President Emeritus of the Florida Association of Marine Industries, a director of the Propeller Clubís International Seamanís Park, a member of the International Committee of Passenger Lines, a member and former chairman of the Legislative Committee of the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association, a member and former chairman of the Founderís Board of the MAST Academy, and a member of the American Academy of Restaurant Sciences. I hold the rank of Maitre Hotelier with the Chaine Des Rotissuers Culinary Society and am an advisor to the Cuban American National Foundationís Board of Governors as well as being a member of the Foundationís Blue Ribbon Committee for the Reconstruction of Cuba. I am also a Master Knight in The Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vice and a member of the culinary society Les Amis díEscoffier. Additionally, I am now a licensed Real Estate Agent in the State of Florida.
Upon leaving Royal Caribbean in 1999, I formed Whelpton Consulting, a company specializing in passenger cruise ship management, destination development and seaport development. Please see Clients and Projects for a list of the companyís clients and the projects in which the company has participated.